Une autre façon de découvrir Beaune

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Visites commentées en train touristique

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Staffordshire, Royaume-Uni

Get your bearings and tour the town

We took the advice of other reviews here and took the tour at the start of our visit - there's no way we could have covered this much ground on foot and it allowed us to pick places to revisit at the end of the tour. Highly recommended - make sure you are in the correct language carriage.

San Francisco

A pleasurable way to get oriented in all the districts of Beaune.

This little city-guide train on wheels is just wide enough to pass through the medieval streets of the fascinating, wine-wealthy city of Beaune. What a great way to view and understand the town's districts and preview many of its most interesting attractions-churches, museums, parks, etc. The little train goes a bit outside the city's walls to show you where the vines in the area got started and explains a little bit about the layout of vineyards. The train starts and stops at the famed Hospice which is in the center of the city (along with the Wine Museum and tasting Cave-not to be missed). On Saturday there is a grand food, clothing, handicrafts, books, etc., etc. market which is colorful and exciting. The train's price is a reasonable seven euros and certain of the cars are reserved for different languages, including English.